Starters     Steaks     Baguettes
Classic prawn cocktail with baguette   £6.00 All served with chunky chips, mixed salad,     Brie, Bacon and Cranberry £7.00
and butter     sauteed mushroom and cherry tomatoes.     B.L.T £6.50
            Chicken and Bacon club £7.50
Breaded fried Brie served with   £6.00 8oz Prime Matured Sirloin   £17.00 Sausage, Onion and Mustard £6.50
salad and cranberry sauce     8oz Horseshoe Gammon   £12.00 Honey Roast Ham, Tomato £6.50
      8oz Prime Matured Ribeye   £17.00 and Salad  
Baked Camembert with chutney and   £6.00 Grilled Chicken Scallops   £12.00 Mature Cheddar and Sweet Pickle £6.00
French stick     Add pepper, mushroom or blue cheese sauce   £2.20 Atlantic Prawn, Marie Rose and £7.50
Chicken liver pate with toasted baguette, salad and chutney   £6.00     Tuna and Red Onion Mayonnaise £6.50
          The Royal Oak Steak Special £7.50
Soup of the day with French stick   £5.50     Hot Beef £7.50
Golden fried whitebait with a   £5.50        
mayonnaise dip         Chips £3.00
          Cheesy Chips £3.70
Grilled king prawns in garlic chilli   £6.50 Burgers     Garlic Bread £2.50
and coriander butter              
      All seved in our crunchy bun with chunky     Cheesey Garlic Bread £3.20
Mains     chips and coleslaw.     Onion Rings £3.00
Slow Cooked British Lamb Shank   £11.50       Coleslaw £2.50
in a mint and rosemary sauce with     Prime Beef   £9.50 Mixed Salad £3.50
potatoes and seasonal veg     Chicken Breast   £9.00 French Bread £2.45
      Spicy Bean   £8.50    
      Cock and Bull Burger   £11.50    
Classic Homemade Lasagne   £11.00          
topped with mature cheddar and served     Add toppings - Cheddar, Stilton, Bacon, Mushroom,   70p Kids Menu £5.95
with salad and garlic bread     Fried egg, chilli, fried onions.     All served with chips or potatoes  
            and baked beans or garden peas.  
Golden Fried Scampi   £10.95     Cheeseburger  
with chunky chips, mixed salad; lemon and tartare sauce     Salads     Fish Fingers  
            Chicken Nuggets  
Roasted Half Chicken   £11.50 Sauteed Chicken Breast, Bacon and Avocado   £10.50 Tomato Pasta  
with mixed salad and chunky chips     with new potatoes and balsamic dressing     Macaroni Cheese  
Mexican Chilli Con Carne   £11.50 Classic Nicoise with grilled tuna steak, egg,   £11.50 Ice Cream  
with rice, garlic bread, sour cream     olives and green beans with garlic dressing        
Curry of the Day   £11.50 Spicy Sauteed Beef with mixed peppers,   £10.50    
with basmati rice and poppadum     coriander and chilli dressing        
and mango chutney dip              
      Ploughman's    £10.50    
Catch of the Day   £11.50          
with chunky chips, mushy peas     All served with salad, pickles and crusty        
and tartare sauce     baguette.        
Glazed Honey Roast Ham   £10.50 Mature Cheddar        
Served with 2 eggs, chips     Linconshire Sausage        
and fresh salad     Brie and Stilton        
      Honey Roast Ham        
      Cold Beef        
Omelette of your choice   £10.00          
2 filling options, served with chips     Jackets        
and fresh salad              
      All served with mixed salad.        
BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs   £10.75          
withpotato wedges, mixed salad and     Mature Cheddar   £6.00    
coleslaw     Tuna and Red Onion Mayonnaise   £6.50    
      Crispy Bacon and Mature Cheddar   £6.50    
Pan Seared Lamb Cutlets   £12.00 Prawn and Marie Rose   £7.50    
served with roasted vegetable salad     Mature Cheddar and Baked Beans   £6.50    
topped with goats cheese & a     Chilli and Cheddar   £7.00    
side of chips              
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